Public Works maintains approximately 40 miles of Town streets, which includes managing major road rebuild projects, minor asphalt repairs, street signs, maintenance of the rights-of-way, and maintenance of the Town’s multi-purpose paths.  Public Works maintains the Town Hall, Pitts Center and Police Department buildings, the Town-owned beach access parking areas and the Chicahauk Trail parking lot, and also landscapes Town properties, as well as maintaining the Southern Shores Cemetery. Public Works oversees the Town’s contracts for Trash and Recycling pickup and the Limb/Branch Removal Program, and is also responsible for taking storm damage prevention measures during extreme weather events.

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The Town rebuilds, re-paves, or repairs numerous public streets each year.

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The Town of Southern Shores owns and maintains four bridges which were originally constructed by the developer. These bridges are inspected each year by the North Carolina Department of Transportation and they are repaired and replaced as needed. Aging and Failing Infrastructure Systems-Highway Bridgesopens PDF file

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The Town of Southern Shores owns and maintains approximately 7.5 miles of canal bottom land which were dug by the original developer. In 2011 (Phase 1) 2.5 miles of dredging maintenance was completed. In 2014 (Phase 2) the remaining 5 miles of canal dredging maintenance was completed.