After Any Storm

◾For your personal safety and to allow clearing crews unhindered work space, please do not walk outside after the storm, especially on streets. Southern Shores’ streets are covered with tree limbs that when wind-twisted, become dangerous hanging projectiles until cleared.

◾Please be cognizant of debris pick-up protocols before any yard debris is moved, or before any other type of debris is moved to a public street. Yard debris generated by a non-declared storm must follow normal limb/branch pick up rules. Property owners and residents on private streets should be cognizant of pick up protocols before any yard debris is moved.

◾Any owner of property adjacent to a public canal is responsible, by Town ordinance, for removal of trees and debris which fall from the property into the canal.

•Be aware of hiring non-local transient workers seeking clean-up work. Be diligent – require and check two local references before hiring. Call local authorities if any discomfort.

◾Southern Shores was founded in a natural area – there is no central storm water collection and disposal system for storm water standing in open areas, including streets. Please remember it may take several days or more, for standing storm water to naturally infiltrate into the ground. Pumping storm water from a private property onto property of another-including public streets, is prohibited. Any mechanical collection of standing storm water by a private property owner must also include legal disposal of the collected water.

◾Only in cases of extreme flooding of a public street and after the resulting storm water shows no sign of natural infiltration after typical stand times for the particular water volumes, will the USEPA and NCDEQ permit the Town to consider removing and discharging storm water (at a permitted location – “public trust ocean beach”) to allow emergency vehicles to safely pass on the public streets.