2021-2022 Parking Passes are still valid and do not expire until 12/31/22


You may come into Town hall to complete an application  or  for contactless pickup you may complete the application found below, photograph it along with your driver’s license plus any required documents and email to info@southernshores-nc.govcreate new email . After processing your application with all required documentation, an email with instructions to collect permits contact free at town hall will be sent. Permits will not be mailed.

  • Parking permits are only for parking at town owned beach access parking lots and are not needed or required if you are not parking there.
  • Dare County issues Hurricane Reentry passes. Click here to obtain.

Permit Guidelines & Application

Property owners of the Town of Southern Shores are eligible to receive permits authorizing vehicle parking in sign-designated Town parking areasopens PDF file near beach accesses. Unless otherwise designated by official sign, parking is not allowed on any street or street right-of-way in Southern Shores.

Town Beach Access Parking Permits are not valid in Southern Shores Civic Association (S.S.C.A.) or Chicahauk Property Owners Association (C.P.O.A) parking areas.

Southern Shores Civic Association (S.S.C.A.) parking permits do not authorize parking in Town of Southern Shores beach access parking areas. Valid Chicahauk Property Owners Association (C.P.O.A.) parking permits only authorize parking in the municipal parking lot at the corner of Chicahauk Trail and Spindrift Trail.

  • Proof of identity via driver’s license and a copy of current tax record or long-term lease (12 months or more) must be presented to Town Hall staff during normal business hours in-person with signed applicationopens PDF file . Due to the limited number (135) of Town beach access parking spaces, no permit will be issued without property ownership verification.
  • Beach access parking permit holders are responsible for maintaining issued beach access parking permits, and there is no issuance fee.

Permits which are lost or stolen are subject to a $75 replacement fee for each permit replaced.

Permits in the form of windshield stickers needing replacement due to vehicle sale/windshield repair are replaceable at no charge if the remains of former sticker are scraped off and turned in.

  • Beach access parking permits are only valid during the year(s) printed on the permit. *All previously issued permits/stickers without expiration dates are no longer valid*

Permits in the form of hangtags are to hang from vehicle rear view mirror at all times while parked in Town-designated beach access parking areas. (Be sure to remove permit from rear view mirror when you leave Town parking areas.)

Permits in the form of windshield stickers must be permanently affixed with sticker’s adhesive backing to the lower passenger side windshield of vehicle.

A maximum of 2 beach access parking permits (windshield sticker, hangtag, or one of each) will be issued to a property owner, regardless of how many persons or entities concurrently own the same property and regardless of how many separate properties are owned.)

Year round renters providing a copy of a 12-month minimum lease will be issued a maximum of 1 beach access parking permit per rental property, regardless of the number of tenants on lease.

Beach access parking Permit Application 2021-22opens PDF file

Beach access parking Brochure with Map 2021-22opens PDF file