Notice is hereby given that the Southern Shores Planning Board will meet on April 19, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. in the Pitts Center located at 5377 N. Virginia Dare Trl. The purpose of the meeting is for the Board to consider TCA-21-03, TCA-21-04, ZTA-21-01, ZTA-21-02, ZTA-21-03, and ZTA-21-04, Town Code Amendment and Zoning Text Amendment applications submitted by the Town of Southern Shores to amend the Southern Shores Town Code. The proposed amendments include: Chapter 30, Subdivisions; Chapter 16, Flood Damage Prevention; Chapter 36, Article VII, Schedule of District Regulations; Chapter 36, Article XIV, Changes and Amendments; Section 36-57, Definitions of Specific Terms and Words; Section 36-168, Temporary Uses; and Chapter 36, Article VI, General Provisions. The applications and related materials are available for public inspection at For additional information or questions, please contact Town Hall at (252) 261-2394 or email whaskett@southernshores-nc.govcreate new email.

TCA-21-03 Subdivisionsopens PDF file

TCA-21-04 AO Zone RFPEopens PDF file

ZTA-21-01 Minimum Living Space and Protest Petitionsopens PDF file

ZTA-21-02 Eaves and Temporary Healthcare Structuresopens PDF file

ZTA-21-03 Manufactured Homesopens PDF file

ZTA-21-04 Prohibited Usesopens PDF file

In an effort to comply with social distancing guidelines for mitigating the potential spread of COVID-19, citizens who attend the  Meeting should wear a mask, and keep a minimum distance of six (6) feet from others prior to, during, and following the meeting. Seating in the Pitts Center has been arranged in a manner that complies with this guideline. If you would prefer, the meeting will be live-streamed on Youtube: