The Town of Southern Shores has convened a Library Committee, with representation from Duck and Kitty Hawk, to examine the feasibility of opening a modestly sized library branch in Southern Shores along the 158 Corridor in order to increase the availability of library services.

2021 11 09 Library Committee Disbandingopens PDF file

Exploratory Committee for Potential Branch Library

  • Potential Library Public Meeting – Organized and Hosted by Councilman Jim Conners (Mtg. PowerPoint & Minute Summaryopens PDF file )
  • Council Committee sanctioned by Council on June 4, 2019 (link to minutesopens PDF file )
  • Committee Members:
    • Committee Lead (voting) -Mike Fletcher
    • Advisory Member (non-voting)- Jim Conners
    • Primary Member Southern Shores (voting)- Mary Lou Hoffert
    • Primary Member Southern Shores (voting)- Lilias Morrison
    • Primary Member Duck (voting)- Kevin Wright
    • Primary Member Southern Shores (voting)- Loretta Michael
    • Primary Member Duck (voting)- Terri Cullen
    • Primary Member Kitty Hawk (voting)- Gary Perry
    • Alternate Member Southern Shores (non-voting)-Lee Fallon
    • Alternate Member ? (non-voting)- Wayne Barry
    • Alternate Member Kitty Hawk (non-voting) -Andy Stewart
    • Alternate Member Duck (non-voting)-Christian Legner