Lifeguard service on Southern Shores beaches will begin with all-terrain vehicle roving late-May through September.
Fixed Lifeguard Stands will be manned 10 am-6 pm as shown below. Locations and dates are subject to change based upon beach and weather conditions.

Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend

Fixed LIFEGUARD STAND Locations:


Mid-June through Mid-August


  • 142 OCEAN BLVD

Handicap Accessible Beach Accesses

* Town Code Sec. 34-53. – Swimming prohibited during dangerous conditions. Swimming is prohibited while red flags are being flown. RED WARNING FLAGS ARE POSTED EVERY HALF MILE ON BEACH WHEN IT IS UNSAFE OR ILLEGAL TO SWIM. This is a warning system used on our beaches which indicates that the currents are strong and the water is unsafe for swimming. DO NOT GO IN THE WATER — YOU PUT YOURSELF AND LIFEGUARDS AT RISK!

Local safety officials determine when such conditions exist and also make the decision as to when to take the flags down. Even when red flags are not posted it does not mean the ocean is safe; there is always a risk when swimming or wading in open waters. If you are concerned about the conditions, check with a lifeguard.

* Town Code Sec. 34-55. – Beach and dune management. Leaving unattended personal articles on the beach between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. is prohibited and subject to removal and disposal. This includes volleyball nets, tents, chairs, cabanas, sunshades, umbrellas or any other personal items. (Remove all personal items daily including tents and cabanas.)

Beach Rules

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