6/26/2017 Preliminary Design of Possible Pedestrian Walkway Along East Dogwood Trail

Considering the January 17, 2017 recommendation of the South and East Dogwood Trails Task Force presented to the Southern Shores Town Council on February 7, 2017, the Council directed the design of a 5’ wide walkway along South and East Dogwood Trails. The preliminary design of the first segment is now available in the links below. The walkway is included on the potential FY 17-18 list of potential infrastructure projects to be considered by the Town Council at its July 11, 2017 Regular Meeting following a Public Hearing on the potential projects at the same meeting. Preliminary drawings depicting approximately 4,375 linear feet of 5′ wide concrete path running from the East Dogwood intersection with North and South Dogwood out to NC Hwy 12. As reported by the Town’s designing engineer, this section of the designed possible walkway proposes some additional work to East Dogwood Trail to reduce the overall impact on the street. The following is a summary of project goals as preliminarily designed:

  1. East Dogwood Trail from NC Hwy 12 west to the bottom of the hill has one-directional lanes. The typical width of a “one way” street is 12 feet. Currently each lane is over 19 feet wide, wider than many of the Town’s two-directional roads.  This project, as designed, includes the removal of approximately 17,500 sq. ft. of existing impervious coverage to convert the travel lanes to true “one way” widths.  This reduction helps to accomplish the following:

A.  Narrows road widths. The street will remain wide for west bound traffic entering East Dogwood at NC 12 to accommodate large trucks, trailers and emergency vehicles.  Stacking lanes are created for east bound traffic at the NC 12/East Dogwood intersection, and there is a slight widening at this location to provide two (2) 10′ lanes.

B.  Low Impact Development. The primary emphasis of LID standards is to address stormwater runoff. By removing large amounts of impervious asphalt, the Town will be reducing stormwater runoff.

C.  Opens up the right of way for new vegetative plantings.

D.  Encroachments. There are several locations where the current roadway alignment encroaches onto private property. By narrowing the street widths, these encroachments can be eliminated and/or reduced.

E.  Minimizing grading efforts and impacts. By reducing the pavement width and then placing part of the footprint of the new walkway in the footprint of the old street, the Town reduces the need to disturb areas outside of the currently developed areas. This will reduce impacts to existing vegetation and the ground surface. This in turn will reduce sedimentation impact.

F.  Improvements to the intersections of streets connecting to East Dogwood will be enhanced for improved emergency vehicle access.

2.  The designed proposed walkway alignment calls for zero tree removal.

3.  This walkway section serves to collect pedestrian traffic and deliver pedestrians to a traffic signal crossing at NC Hwy 12 from ten (10) directly connected streets.

4.  The designed walkway alignment works with existing bike racks and benches and incorporates new shade areas, benches, and rest areas.

5.  The path will enhance access to the Town by persons with disabilities.

Dogwood Path 1Ropens PDF file

Dogwood Path 2Ropens PDF file

Dogwood Path 3Ropens PDF file

Dogwood Path 4Ropens PDF file